Pushing back my possible return

I’ve just accepted an employment situation that will require me to postpone my return to business—you know, old dogs learning new tricks takes time!  With this new occurrence in mind, I’m currently looking at launching my revival later this year or early in 2012.  That will allow me the time I need to continue with … continue reading

Moving forward on my “revival”!

I just wanted to provide all you followers with a quick update on my continuing thoughts about reviving the-freelance-editor.

To date, I’ve worked primarily on this blog, getting a design in place and adjusting the sidebar to fit my new goals and objectives. At this point, I’m pretty happy with it, so let me know … continue reading

But sometimes the bite heals

. . . even if that process is a slow one. Have no doubt it’s been a rough few years,  but  I am currently exploring the possibility of staging a comeback!

I’ve learned a lot since my last post—about social media and technology in general, and even about the economy and reality!  And I feel, maybe the … continue reading