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originally posted July 15, 2012
no revisions to date

For those of you who have noticed (and wondered about it), my absence from public involvement can be attributed to two things: 

  • first, the time that my full-time job takes through the week—and a consequential recharge/relaxation time  I  take over the weekends—and,
  • second, a couple of projects that I’ve agreed to take on in my “spare” time. 

That said, if  you  have a project you need help with and you don’t need too quick a turnaround, seek me out.  By the way, you’ll note some new contact information below.

For now, I hope you’re having a relaxing yet productive summer,

Stephen, the-freelance-editor.com
editorial –at– Im Your Editor –dot– com
phone: 407-495-4801 (temporary)
text: 832-233-0041 (temporary)

I may be MIA for the time-being,
but don’t forget about me!


image information: The featured image at top was part of the-freelance-editor home page from about 2012–2013 to about 2020.