Thank you for visiting the-freelance-editor for help with outlining/organizing, ghostwriting, editing/proofreading, researching/fact-checking, and manual indexing.

our specialty “divisions”

While teams at the-freelance-editor have reviewed all sorts of materials for all varieties of audiences over the years, we find that most of the editorial services we provide for clients often fall into one of just a few categories:

Or, do you fit into one of the categories below? If so, click the links for more information.

Then, get in touch . . .

You’ve found
the online home of
As a professional freelance
editor (which means my services
are for hire by any person or
organization that needs them),
my goal, and the goal of my team,
is to collaborate with 
you—the author, the originator,
the content writer—to reach your
ultimate goals: 

(1) to say what you want to say
to the audience you want to reach

(2) to have your readers
concentrate on your message,
not your mistakes. 

So, get in touch—you won’t
know how we can help you and
your team until you do!

Specially focused divisions of the-freelance-editor include . . .


Short on funding, staff, hours? We’ve been there! Let our team work with your team, to enable your plans and help you accomplish more of your goals.


Personally, my knowledge of American history has helped me serve as historical editor and even ghostwriter on several projects. Let our team help your efforts at personal history, including family histories and business history, as well as history-themed nonfiction or history-based fiction.


Your message reflects on your reputation and the quality of your idea, your product, your firm. Let’s work together to make sure your blog’s message, and the message you want to convey in every blog or social media post, is clear and to the point.


From site plans to content to presentation, website design and maintenance has not gotten easier over the years. But our team can help with some of the details—and that will be potential savings when you head to the designer.


Along with history, much of the work we do at the-freelance-editor provides editorial services for young adult readers. That’s not totally surprising when you realize that the vocabulary, grammar, logic, and presentation considerations for that level can be read, understood, and processed by all general audiences.


Our team consists of experienced members who can take your notes and scribbles, your written work, your comments—or a new interview—then transform them, with just a little polish (so they are still your words) into what you wanted to say all along. That’s true collaboration!

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