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Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you have several ways to contact the-freelance-editor and our team:

  • You can schedule a phone consultation at your convenience  (courtesy of Calendly).
  • You can send an e-mail message (please, no attachments until you’ve initiated contact) to editorial -at- ImYourEditor -dot- com.
  • In the US, you can send a text message (please, no voice calls until you’ve initiated contact—you will be blocked as a sales/solicitation call) to 832 -dash- 233 -dash- 0041.
  • You can send information via surface mail (contact us for a ground delivery address).
  • You can phone us (use one of the methods above or below to contact us for a phone number; if you get no answer, please leave a voice mail—otherwise, you risk being blocked as a sales/solicitation call).
  • You can follow us via social media (noted in our footer or here, on our About page), and make contact through your favorite one.
  • You can complete and submit our contact and information request form  (processed off-site by JotForm).

Wanting to send a file?

If you’re ready to send us a file, for your sample edit or to begin work on your project, visit this page for instructions on uploading it for file transfer. Be sure to let us know in the “question, comment, or suggestion” box above that you are uploading a file.

At, we work
with our clients to help them say what they want to say to the audience they want to reach.

If you still have questions or concerns after exploring our site or
if you’re ready to see how we can work together to reach your goals, contact us today.

You’ve found
the online home of
As a professional freelance
editor (which means my services
are for hire by any person or
organization that needs them),
my goal is to work  with 
you—the author, the originator,
the content writer—to reach your
ultimate goals: 

(1) to say what you want to say
to the audience you want to reach

(2) to have your readers
concentrate on your message,
not your mistakes. 

So, get in touch—you won’t
know how I can help until you do!

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