Thank you for visiting the-museum-editor, a division of the-freelance-editor, for help with museum-related outlining/organizing, ghostwriting, editing/proofreading, researching/fact-checking, and manual indexing.


Short on funding, staff, hours? We’ve been there! In need of exhibit labels, website text, training materials, or brochures and other collateral? Let the-museum-editor and our team work with your team, to enable your plans and help you accomplish more of your goals.

As noted elsewhere (maybe more than once), my career has included work with archives, historical societies, and museums of all types and sizes (think budgets, along with square footage and numbers of items). That work has involved collaboration and assistance with development of

  • exhibition labels,
  • gallery guides for adult visitors and children,
  • children’s activities sheets,
  • media scripts, and
  • social media posts, as well as blog posts and content for print publications and e-newsletters,
  • websites, and most types of
  • marketing collateral, as well as
  • membership and fund-raising materials.

My personal specialty, my passion, really (discussed in more detail on this page, about my hat as the-history-editor), is social history: the part of the story that relates why what happened, happened—not instead of the facts, the people, the event, or the place but in addition to. I like to figure out the why and the how, the underlying (and frequently socially based) reasons and explanations for what happened and then to ponder what happened next because.

So, if you have need for an editor, researcher/fact-checker, ghostwriter for your exhibit or museum—large or small or in-between—contact me, and my team at the-museum-editor (a division of the-freelance-editor), so we can find out how your team and ours might be able to work together.

By the way, while most of my past experience is with history-focused organizations, team members at the-museum-editor can ably discuss needs of other museum types. If we can’t help you, we’ll admit it so we can both move on.

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