Thank you for visiting the-freelance-ghostwriter, a division of the-freelance-editor; we also help with outlining/organizing, editing/proofreading, researching/fact-checking, and manual indexing.


Why commission a total stranger to create content for your project?  Especially when that stranger writes in a vacuum, without your input . . .

That’s right: Why would you even think about purchasing content for your social network profile, your newsletter, your article, your book, or any other project you’re working on from a stranger you hire over the Internet who’s not familiar with your ideas, your dreams, or your goals?

We don’t think you should. As a longtime, professional ghostwriter, I will lead my team in taking notes you’ve written or work you’ve previously published or comments you’ve made; then, we’ll transform them—but with just a little polish, so they are still your words. That’s the kind of collaborative effort that makes our team at the-freelance-editor, as the-freelance-ghostwriter(s), so special.

The process is simple, relatively quick, and totally painless—even for you!

  1. You scribble some notes or dictate some thoughts;
  2. You forward those ideas to me and my team;
  3. We polish the words that make up what you’ve said or what you want to say by embellishing your ideas, adding relevant description, introducing some flow, and correcting your spelling and grammar;
  4. We forward a draft back to you . . .
  5. You look over the draft, make comments, and suggest changes to reclaim your thoughts and to make them more pertinent to your needs;
  6. Then, lastly, we incorporate your changes and edit the copy for its intended purpose.

That’s it! You just created your own memoir, PowerPoint presentation, script, blog post, social media updates, or website content, and you didn’t have to worry about translating your concepts into words—not at all! The information is really, truly yours, and your readers, clients, and customers will be able to tell.

So, let’s get started . . .

the-freelance-ghostwriter is a division of, where we work with our clients to help
them say what they want to say to the audience they want to reach.

If you still have questions or concerns after exploring our site or if you’re ready to see about getting your complimentary sample edit and an estimated rate and schedule or if you’re just ready to see how we can
work together, contact us—we’re here whenever you’re ready.

You’ve found
the online home of
As a professional freelance
editor (which means my services
are for hire by any person or
organization that needs them),
my goal, and the goal of my team,
is to collaborate with 
you—the author, the originator,
the content writer—to reach your
ultimate goals: 

(1) to say what you want to say
to the audience you want to reach

(2) to have your readers
concentrate on your message,
not your mistakes. 

So, get in touch—you won’t
know how we can help you and
your team until you do!

Do you have
concerns about
hiring a
freelance contractor?

Find out how
we help with that.

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