Moving forward on my “revival”!

I just wanted to provide all you followers with a quick update on my continuing thoughts about reviving the-freelance-editor.

To date, I’ve worked primarily on this blog, getting a design in place and adjusting the sidebar to fit my new goals and objectives. At this point, I’m pretty happy with it, so let me know of any errors you notice or any information you think is missing. Behind the scenes, I’ll be working to refine some aspects of search engine optimization that are problematic in blog-based Web sites without appropriate attention . . . but that won’t affect you or your experience!

The next four chores that you will notice are

  1. finishing work on my new “writing emergency” site at, where anyone will be able to hire me for issues and problems that require quick turnarounds;
  2. getting a new contact form set up and in place;
  3. improving my social media presence on Twitter and LinkedIn; and
  4. updating my primary Web site at—you’ll see that I’ve made a minimal start on the home page.

I’ll keep you up to date as changes take place, especially changes relevant to my second chore; that way, you’ll be able to start signing up for updates via these blog posts.

Thanks for your interest and continuing support,

editorial –at– Im Your Editor –dot– com
PO Box 1168, Orlando, FL 32802
phone: 407-495-4801 (temporary)

Watch for my possible return to business on October 17, 2011!