The new English “dialect”

From today’s (January 18) Nashville Tennessean comes this article about a new English “dialect”—so new, in fact, that it still doesn’t have a proper, technical name. The author of the article, staff writer Jaime Sarrio, calls it “text speak” or “Web slanguage” or “teen texting”; I’ve heard it called “I-M-ing” (for “instant messaging”), too. Regardless, it’s use is without a doubt gaining in popularity. See what Sarrio has to say about it. And, while you’re close, jump over to “If Shakespeare had a cell phone” in which high school teacher Lindsey Martin tells some results of a class assignment that had her students translate four short quotes from the bard into . . . that . . . language! By the way, back on the main article page, be sure to look over the “Text Message Glossary” (furnished courtesy of, and start showing off on your own IMs. BCNU!