A new service for clients of the-freelance-editor

originally posted April 3, 2009
May 2021: reformatted; all links updated; text revised as noted

As of this morning, the-freelance-editor was approved for live consultations through the LivePerson® “world of experts.” As of this afternoon, links have been added from each of the contact pages on the network sites that have been updated:

A link from the contact page of our primary site, the-freelance-editor.com, has also been made available. And, one will be added to the sidebar of this blog eventually. Here are samples of what you’ll find at the links:

Just look for this button, click it, and you’ll be connected to the-freelance-editor:

This new service will add another way for clients, old and new, to reach the-freelance-editor at almost any time. If I’m online at my desk, I’ll be on call—and, since I work an average of fourteen hours a day, you should be able to catch me! I’ll be available to answer questions and address concerns about

  • grammar and wording,
  • organization and structural issues,
  • writer’s block,
  • fact-checking and research,
  • blogging,
  • website arrangement and web page development,
  • business and professional publications,
  • ghostwriting projects,
  • personal histories, family histories, and memoirs, and
  • museum-related issues.

I would invite you to try out the service, but a small charge is involved. Still, if you have the need, you now know where to find me.

UPDATE:  The LivePerson® live-chat function was the-freelance-editor’s first foray into “modern contact technology”!  While we no longer use the service, the company has gone on to be part of messaging platforms for WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Google messaging, LiveEngage, WeChat, and more.  Please note that updated URLs for the website pages mentioned above can be found on our “specialty ‘divisions’” web page.

image information: This was part of the banner section of the LivePerson website while the-freelance-editor was a registered “expert”—LivePerson became an innovator in conversational connections between businesses and consumers in 1995, with the invention of live chat on websites.