Now scheduling for late spring . . . and . . . summer?

originally posted April 4, 2009
May 2021: reformatted; links updated; revised text is noted

Over the past few months, I have prepared sample edits and estimates for projects all around the globe—including my first request from Alaska! As those materials were received, some of the writers wrote back to let me know they were not quite ready to begin the editorial process. A few others replied that they needed to save up money! Others never wrote back, so I’m not sure what their plans are.

Regardless, believe it or not, I am currently starting to schedule work for the middle and end of May and early to mid June (and thereafter, of course). So, if any of you are interested in blocking some time, whether I’ve already done a sample and prepared an estimate (which is valid for one full year) or not, I would invite you to let me know so we can talk about tentative plans. If you know for sure that you want to block out a period on my schedule, all I need is a small deposit (deposits are transferable to other dates or projects, but not refundable)—that way, the time will be yours to aim for.

I also have some openings in the writing retreat. For more information, check out

> > or
> >

I hope all your winters passed easily and that spring is somewhere in the air; and, I look forward to hearing back about the variety of projects you have underway.

UPDATE:  The Orlando-Mulford Retreat is no longer in service, a casualty of relocating the-freelance-editor back to Raleigh. We may have a new “retreat” in the works, however—stay tuned!

image information: The featured image at top was the home page for our Orlando-Mulford writing retreat website, ca. December 2009.