And, a few months . . .

originally posted May 30, 2020; 
May 2021: reformatted; no text revisions to date— 

. . . later, here we are! For the most part, I’ve been busy transferring my old website ( to this new spot at—updating and revising text, checking and correcting information, and adding a wee bit o’ spit-n-polish. Please let me know what you think of the changes when you have time.

As for my opinion, I’m happy and excited about this new version of the main website (the blog component will have to wait a little longer for its makeover). The site certainly looks fresher and contains a lot of new technology—both necessary to help me start competing again as I re-enter the freelance market.

I do, however, have to voice some rants about Gutenberg, the new and supposedly “improved” user interface for WordPress: basically, I was not impressed and (as you’ll read during my rant) I found the new interface to be largely illogical, unnecessarily sophisticated, ridiculously complex, and plain user-unfriendly. Regardless, after months of experimenting, researching, redoing, more experimenting, some video lessons, and additional reworking, I’m down to just a little more proofing and link checking; then, my new site at should be ready for inspection—and reactions!

Now, I’m off to research new techniques for search-engine optimization, catch up on some readings, and kick-start too much social media. At least those are the next items on my list . . . then to the blog . . .

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image information: Featured image is a figure that I’ve used since starting Freelance Library Services in the 1980s! His perplexed and frustrated look of exasperation, which I strive to deflect from my clients, is perfect for my user experience with the new WordPress UI known as Gutenberg.