Here’s to the year 2020!

Two major events (well, more than that, but two that are primary in pushing me back into business) happened in my life over the past several months:

  1. My baby sister and her husband started an alpaca ranch—no, I don’t think that decision was based on a midlife crisis—and they asked me to help create a website for their business.
  2. Work on a project that revealed to me an amazingly vast number of state-oriented tourism and history websites that were obviously outdated, either in content or technology.

Other things—like marriage (yeah, that was pretty major), the Gutenberg update to WordPress (which made all my websites obsolete), retirement of longtime coworkers and close friends (not that any of us could be that old), and final straws with continuing widespread disrespect in my full-time job (whole other stories)—contributed to this decision, too, but those were the two that are leading me back into the world of freelancing.

So, I’m back; or, rather I plan to be over the next several months. Let me know if you have current or upcoming projects that I might assist with. Oh, and wish me luck!


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