Another specialty site is completed . . .

originally posted February 27, 2009
May 2021: reformatted; links updated; text revised as noted

Finally!  Yes, several months later than planned, the-freelance-editor network has unveiled another website for the personal history side of our business:—and we think you’ll have to agree it’s better than the previous plain-text landing page! This new freestanding website will introduce clients to some of the legacy writing opportunities we offer:

  • personal histories, which are also known as legacy statements, life stories, and memoirs;
  • family histories, or family chronicles;
  • company profiles, which can be histories of an entire business or biographies of business personnel; and
  • online scrapbooks.

We gladly help clients all the way through the process of writing, editing, fact-checking, and preparing for publication—whether they are making ten photocopies for immediate family members or a bound book for general distribution.

Visit the website for additional information.

UPDATE:  The personal, family, and company history side of the-freelance-editor continues as part of the-history-editor division, which has grown to also include history-themed nonfiction and history-based fiction. A separate museums division handles specialty writing and editing needs for that field.

image information: This was part of the home page for website as unveiled in early 2009; photos on the page included our old family homestead and a family lineup from the mid-1970s!