Nature, childhood, memoirs

originally posted August 15, 2021;
no text revisions to date—

I don’t often get to write or post about nature—or even science in general—so when I came across this lengthy excerpt from an opening chapter of The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees Above Us, by biologist, botanist, conservationist Meg  … continue reading

Settings in historical fiction

originally posted June 25, 2021; 
no text revisions to date— 

I was reminded today about the importance of applying an accurate setting in works of historical fiction. Yes, it’s fiction, but most popular (and successful) historical fiction is rooted in history, at least at some point, and, since many such works enter the  … continue reading

How can I help with a personal history?

originally posted September 18, 2013
May 2021: reformatted; text revised as noted

My father and I have different talents, preferences, and passions when it comes to researching and recording family history:  he does genealogy;  I do personal history and family history.  In other words, in my mind, at least, he does the bones (or the  … continue reading

The “frontier” between fiction and nonfiction

originally posted March 16, 2013
May 2021: reformatted; text revised as noted

One of my favorite new blogs, A Writer of History, recently posted a fascinating interview about the writing of historical fiction—or is it “creative history” or historical nonfiction?  Personally, while some argue that the terms are synonymous for the same genre,  … continue reading