You maybe haven’t missed me, but . . .

I’ve missed you! The months of May, June, July, and now almost half of August have slipped by without any new posts. I would apologize, but the business world is full of apologies and you just don’t need to hear another one! The truth is that I’ve been busy with several big projects that have not allowed me to take time for this blog.

First of all, the design and SEO company that I hired shortly after New Years Day finished with the third-generation of my primary Web site, They are still working on the revised search engine optimization part of the site, but I took several days in May and June to replace the older headers and tags that the designers removed. The old ones had been doing a pretty good job, anyway, and they matched the existing text (the revisions will likely require some rewriting of text on the site—a project I don’t have time for in the foreseeable future). Please take a few minutes to visit and let me know how you like the new look.

While working on that site in May and June, I was offered a banner advertisement on the American Association of Museums (AAM) Web site. The offer was too good to refuse, so I worked for another several days rebuilding the old museum division site so the ad would have something attractive to link to. If you want to view the ad, visit the AAM site and click on "Museum Marketplace" then do a search (the bargain rate was for the third tier down), say for "editorial services," and then refresh the site until my ad comes up. When you click on the ad, you should link to I’m rather fond of the result—both the ad and the Web site!

Also in June, I began serving as group leader for the local Orlando Area Writers Group of the Florida Writers Association. That transition involved setting up a new e-mailing system with a WordPress blog and FeedBlitz, as well as the need for me to meet local writers and prospects for speakers. You may not think that sounds like too much work, but most of my clients and contacts are scattered elsewhere in the United States and around the globe! I haven’t ever concentrated on soliciting local jobs.

In early July, I was notified that the pictorial history of Orlando (for which I signed on as ghostwriter but ended up as author and local project manager) had finally been published. Orlando Then and Now was released by Thunder Bay Books at the end of July, resulting in a few book signing sessions and several e-mails from current and former residents—pretty good publicity. (Though I don’t get any royalties, so don’t rush out to buy it!)

Finally, for much of July and August, I’ve been working on opening a new division of the-freelance-editor as well as an entirely new company—which I’m not at liberty to announce yet.

So, you see, I haven’t just disappeared, even if this blog site did a convincing job of relaying that message. All I can say is that I’ll try to do better . . . at least by September.