“Book Trailers”: A new book promotion technique?

A new promotional technique known as “book trailers,” or “book teasers,” (think of the so-called trailers that preceed movies to tease us into seeing upcoming films) could be a hot new trend—if it catches on. Book trailers can occasionally be seen on the Web sites of major publishing houses (particularly Random House and Knopf), where they are used to promote new titles and to revive one-time best sellers. Until last year, trailers were used primarily with adult books, but that trend is shifting a bit since BookStandard.com gave out the Teen Book Video Awards for three young adult titles last fall (you can still view the winners at that Web site). For additional examples of book trailers, try these sites:

this site at YouTube.com has two examples
this author’s Web site
The Kamikaze Book

I’ll post additional sites as I discover them.