In memory of Art Buchwald . . .

originally posted January 22, 2007
links updated; no text revisions, May 2021

As an author, editor, educator, and personal historian, I couldn’t not mention the passing of Art Buchwald over the past weekend. I encourage you to venture to this page of NPR’s Web site and read about his life and how he faced his  … continue reading

Thoughts on Freedom Writers (the movie)

originally posted January 22, 2007
link updated; no text revisions, May 2021

In this week’s (January 22, 2007) Newsweek, “The Last Word” columnist Anna Quindlen discusses some underlying themes of the new movie Freedom Writers and wonders how society lost a therapy that “[made] pain tolerable, confusion clearer and the self stronger.” She doesn’t go  … continue reading

The new English “dialect”

originally posted January 18, 2007
reformatted with no revisions in May 2021

From today’s (January 18) Nashville Tennessean comes this article about a new English “dialect”—so new, in fact, that it still doesn’t have a proper, technical name. The author of the article, staff writer Jaime Sarrio, calls it “text speak” or “Web slanguage” or  … continue reading

I can strike through one resolution!

originally posted January 19, 2007
no revisions to date

Well, the new year is only eighteen days old, so I guess I’m doing pretty good at meeting one of my resolutions: to start my editor’s blog for writers. In this blog, my goal is to help make viewers aware of some of the useful information  … continue reading