And, a few months . . .

. . . later, here we are! For the most part, I’ve been busy transferring my old website ( to this new spot at—updating and revising text, checking and correcting information, and adding a wee bit o’ spit-n-polish. Please let me know what you think of the changes when you have time.

As  … continue reading

Reality bites!

It’s an international phenomenon that I’ve done my best to ignore—for a couple of years. But, I am finally forced to face reality: The world of professional editing is in a state of transition. And, I can easily identify three causes for this phenomenon.

The first cause is a continuation of the desktop publishing transition  … continue reading

Your memories to memoirs, or a personal history

Of all the projects I work on, I have to say that some of the most rewarding ones are those during which I have the chance to help clients start, develop, and complete the stories of their lives. Working with “average Joes” and “everyday Josephines” is an interest that developed early in my career—when I  … continue reading

Now scheduling for late spring . . . and . . . summer?

Over the past few months, I have prepared sample edits and estimates for projects all around the globe—including my first request from Alaska! As those materials were received, some of the writers wrote back to let me know they were not quite ready to begin the editorial process. A few others replied that they needed  … continue reading