And, a few months . . .

originally posted May 30, 2020
no revisions to date

. . . later, here we are! For the most part, I’ve been busy transferring my old website ( to this new spot at—updating and revising text, checking and correcting information, and adding a wee bit o’ spit-n-polish. Please let me know what you  … continue reading

Here’s to the year 2020!

originally posted December 5, 2019
no revisions to date

Two major events (well, more than that, but two that are primary in pushing me back into business) happened in my life over the past several months:

  1. My baby sister and her husband started an alpaca ranch—no, I don’t think that decision was based on a
 … continue reading

Where have I been this time?

originally posted December 12, 2015
no revisions to date

I explain—or maybe excuse—my recent absence with this explanation:

Over the past two years, four events have caused a distraction in my life: the death of my father, relocating from Orlando back to Raleigh, returning to more-than-full-time work at the state Museum of History, and  … continue reading

How can I help with a personal history?

originally posted September 18, 2013
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My father and I have different talents when it comes to researching and recording family history:  he does genealogy;  I do personal history and family history.  In other words, in my mind, at least, he does the bones (or the branches and limbs of the family  … continue reading