One final (physical) move for the-freelance-editor?

Many clients of the-freelance-editor, those with ongoing projects as well as those with prospective jobs, have noticed a slowdown in our production during 2022. Part of the reason for this slowdown has been a physical move of our home and office from Raleigh to Rocky Mount about 50 miles northeast. Reasons for the move were  … continue reading

Revising draft documents in Microsoft Word

Revising draft documents in Microsoft Word—especially after a substantive review by the-freelance-editor—can seem daunting, especially at first glance! With stricken text, redlined and highlighted suggestions, queries and notes in the margin to explain and guide changes, your “hilited” (to signify the text is highlighted with suggested changes) file can appear particularly so; the “acpted”  … continue reading

Quotes, Thoughts, and Such

I transcribed this quote from a story, “New podcast asks whether the classic novel Jane Eyre is relevant for readers today,” that ran on NPR’s All Things Considered, December 9, 2021.  During the story, author Marlon James was asked about removing classic literature from today’s curriculum and censorship of books considered to  … continue reading

Plan and organize your website

the-freelance-editor team will be spending much of mid-September helping to finish planning and organizing a structure for the website If you choose to visit that site this month, watch the progression of content, as well—while the folks at Shenanigans and the-freelance-editor (with assistance from Mark John Productions) worked together before and during COVID-19  … continue reading