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the-freelance-editor team will be spending much of mid-September helping to finish planning and organizing a structure for the website If you choose to visit that site this month, watch the progression of content, as well—while the folks at Shenanigans and the-freelance-editor (with assistance from Mark John Productions) worked together before and during COVID-19 restrictions to complete a basic site plan and organizational structure for the site, owners of the ranch have continued to deliberate final content.

An initial structure of this site has been live for several months. Web pages include

  • a pictorial home page designed to feature the resident alpacas;
  • an educational “About” web page that introduces the ranch owners but also provides some general background information on alpacas;
  • two web pages featuring the business side of Shenanigans, breeding and selling alpacas;
  • a “Services” section of web pages to highlight another business side, fleece sales, of the ranch, as well as to furnish a more in-depth FAQ / Q&A web page with “fun facts” and links to additional resources;
  • information and details about visiting the ranch; and, last but not least,
  • a contact page.

Creating and implementing an overall plan and organizational structure are important initial steps in any website design; however, equally essential is keeping a site’s organization relevant and up-to-date so that users can find information they want—and do so in a logical way. As the McEndrees and the-freelance-editor work together, at the ranch in Denver, over the coming days, I suspect we will make revisions to the current site plan before its final approval.

So, check the site occasionally and watch as changes are made to improve the user experience for visitors and, also in this case, for the site’s new administrators.

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originally posted September 12, 2021; 
no text revisions to date

image information: Featured image courtesy Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch in Brighton, Colorado! Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch is also online with a Facebook presence.