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Yes, we all look for information—inspirational, educational, and otherwise—on the Internet, but sometimes it’s nice to have a good old-fashioned papery book to hold and flip through! In our little book selection, you’ll find references tested by decades of use and recent selections, some I’ve used over the years and some recommended by clients and associates. Do you know of a resource we’re missing? Let us know. And, keep checking back—you never know when we might add something.

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A dictionary or two, a thesaurus, and maybe some “cheat sheets” are standard references for writers to keep handy; but other resources might prove valuable, too: some basic direction on punctuation and grammar, for instance, or some miscellaneous help from experts of all kinds; maybe even a few suggestions (or secrets) from other writers—
take a look at what we’ve suggested as a start . . .

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Ultimately, writing is about more than spelling words correctly, placing commas in the right places, and ensuring that subjects agree with verbs: it’s about dreaming, crafting, plotting—it’s about themes and logic and voice; it’s about the process, and getting started (and knowing when to quit). In this section of our bookstore, we’ve gathered some relevant thoughts, from Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Michener, and others, all for your consideration.

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Yes, for the most part, authors should not be concerned with such details as grammar and usage and punctuation—you should be focused on writing! But, you do need to know some of the basics so that you can make correct word choices and relay the message you want to get across. We’ve provided several options in this section so you can work with resources you are comfortable with.

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What inspires you to write? Do you even need inspiration? Many of us do, from time to time, need to just sit back and lose ourselves in a favorite author, a preferred style, a quotation, reflections from another writer, or some other trigger—a coloring book, a puzzle, a doodle, a game of Scrabble—whatever it is, we’ve tried to collect, in this section, a sampling of tricks that might help.

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This section of our bookstore includes random samples from different genres (including short story collections and flash fiction anthologies, fantasy and science fiction, crime stories and mysteries, memoir and food books), as well as readings we thought you might find fun—some old and familiar, some new and even edgy!

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Our assortment in this section was selected for younger writers and for the dreamers among us who never quite get around to making that first step toward writing. You’ll find some age-appropriate references and how-to resources, a few samples of writings for this group, and even a variety of inspriational sources to make you realize that anyone can write at any time in life.

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We all had to learn to write at one point or another. For some of us, that journey was pleasant, logical, and reassuring; however, for most of us it was painful, frustrating, and not very rewarding. This selection of resources is for those who teach and mentor writers, who share their knowledge of semicolons, diagramming and structure, verb tenses, and style—those who love spreading the ability to communicate through language.

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To learn history and understand its place in the social timeline—and the proverbial scheme of things—has long been a passion of the-freelance-editor. In this section of our bookstore, you’ll primarily find information on researching and compiling family and personal histories, but we’ve also inserted some memoirs, historical analyses, and other history resources (to provoke some thought).

Growing up, many of my favorite books were works of historical fiction. As a freelance editor, some of my favorite editorial projects have, likewise, been works of historical fiction. The art of weaving fiction into knowledge is challenging—but it can be revealing, as well, and can lead to a reader actually learning more real history than he or she ever expected. Let us know if you’re ready to meet that challenge . . .

Growing up, many of my favorite books were works of historical fiction. As a freelance editor, some of my favorite editorial projects have, likewise, been works of historical fiction. The art of weaving fiction into knowledge is challenging—but it can be revealing, as well, and can lead to a reader actually learning more real history than he or she ever expected. Let us know if you’re ready to meet that challenge . . .

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Another longtime passion of the-freelance-editor is helping writers for young-adult audiences to understand the special nuances of these readers and their vocabularies, their worldly knowledge, their world views, and their attention spans. This section of the bookstore focuses on resources such as age-specific dictionaries and grammars, logical prompts, psychological profiles, and teaching/learning strategies to help create fiction, plays, and more for this amazing audience.

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Law, medicine, music, education, film and televion, business, marketing and web content, museums: these are all examples of non-mainstream markets that employ writers and editors—and more exist. The resources we’ve gathered here explore the writing environments and industries that thrive outside the world of typical fiction and nonfiction works.

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Over the years, I’ve met individuals who just decided one day to become an editor—or a librarian—solely because they liked to read and they did well in high school English class! This selection from our bookstore reveals part of the wide range of resources that are needed to truly succeed as a “professional” editor: yes, in addition to the grammar and writing knowledge we use off the tops of our heads every day, it’s equally important that we know the most respected, recognized, and complete sources to use for an answer.

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