Ideas on reading over the summer of 2021

originally posted June 9, 2021; 
no text revisions to date— 

I suspect that many of you—like friends I know—read so much last year, during pandemic lockdowns, slowdowns, and other stay-at-home orders, that you may not be in the mood to sit long enough to read this year! However, summer reading lists are coming out and  … continue reading

anEditor’s Blog has been updated!

originally posted June 8, 2021; 
no text revisions to date— 

With completion of overhauling, the final chore of my return to full-time freelancing was to update formats and information on anEditor’s Blog—which was accomplished yesterday!

To tell the truth, updating each of the forty-eight posts I had made since 2006 was more  … continue reading

The “University of Google”

originally posted January 14, 2008
May 2021: reformatted; text revised as noted

An interesting article appeared just this morning in The Economic Times—interesting and particularly appropriate for the primary election season that is evolving here in the States, as well as for writers in general. In the article, “Google, Wikipedia are white bread  … continue reading

New Best of Young American Novelists list announced

originally posted April 16, 2007
May 2021: reformatted; most links updated; text revised as noted

Granta magazine has just published its second Best of Young American Novelists list (see the right sidebar for author names). The first list, in 1996 (the summer issue, no. 54), helped launch the careers of Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections … continue reading