The Chandler Legacies, a short review

This short book review of The Chandler Legacies, by Abdi Nazemian, results from a total enjoyment of reading other titles in the author’s award-winning portfolio and from feeling at home in the setting of this particular novel: a writing group, which serves as the common element among the work’s several varying characters.

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ALA 2023: Newbery, Caldecott, Morris, Printz

The American Library Association (ALA) recently announced its 2023 Newbery and Caldecott Medal winners and runners-up, as well as its annual Morris and Printz Award recipients. The prestigious awards, along with many other recognitions, were announced on January 29, during the ALA Library Learning Experience (LibLearnX) conference in New Orleans.

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Stealing, a short book review

I recently agreed to read an advance galley proof for Stealing, a new historical novel by author Margaret Verble, and then publish a short book review. Overall, I found the book to be enjoyable on many levels. However, I particularly enjoyed the easy-flowing exchange of dialog and narrative that gradually unveiled multiple layers of  … continue reading

One final (physical) move for the-freelance-editor?

Many clients of the-freelance-editor, those with ongoing projects as well as those with prospective jobs, have noticed a slowdown in our production during 2022. Part of the reason for this slowdown has been a physical move of our home and office from Raleigh to Rocky Mount about 50 miles northeast. Reasons for the move were  … continue reading