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Terms and Conditions Policy (including our Refunds Policy) for Freelance Library Services, dba the-freelance-editor

Formation of Binding Contracts

    Independence Clause

    Force Majeure

Disclaimer of Liability for Website Use

Intellectual Property and Website Content

    Termination of Use

    Third-Party Links

Affiliate Links

Sponsored Reviews and Posts


    Product Ratings and Reviews

    Service Ratings and Reviews

E-Newsletters and Blog Post Subscriptions

Contractual Information and Obligations  (Products)

    Shop Overview

    Returning Products

        Stated and Implied Guarantees

        Chargebacks and Disputes

        Refunds and Exchanges

        Returns and Replacements

        Order Cancellations

    Payment and Pricing

    Accuracy of Information

        Colors of Products

    Delivery Information

Contractual Information and Obligations  (Services)

    Editorial Projects

        Samples and Proposals (Fees and Schedules)

        Exchange of Information

        Scope of Work and Miscellaneous Details

        Editorial Philosophy

        Special Considerations

        Condition of Text for Sample

        Scheduling of Editorial Services

        Pricing and Payment of Editorial Services


    Other Types of Projects

        Scope of Work

        Pricing and Payment for Specialty Projects

        Schedules and Delays

    Created Materials

        Warranty Clause

        Ownership of Created Materials  (Intellectual Property Rights)

        Rights Clause  (Publication Rights)

        Noncompete and Conflict of Interest Clauses

        Non-disclosure Agreement

        Other General Terms

    Countering and Negotiating Proposals/Contracts

        Expiration of Proposals/Contracts

    Pricing, Billing, and Payment Options

        Rate Range

        “Kill” Fees

        Payment Options

        Late Payments

    Guarantees and Promises


        Standard of Care

        Acceptance of Products and Services

        Breach of Contract

Changes to This Policy


Dispute Resolution

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