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If you wish a pdf copy of my, the-freelance-editor, resume that you can view, download, or print, click here for an annotated version or here for a condensed two-page version.

Stephen Evans, Editor/Project Manager
Raleigh, NC USA 27601


  • to secure positions in which I might practice my passions for ghostwriting, organizing and rewriting, researching and fact-checking, and editing—in any combination!
  • to apply my two ultimate goals: (1) helping writers say what they want to say to the audience they want to reach and (2) allowing readers to concentrate on intended messages, not on grammatical errors, sloppy logic, and misleading cues


  • selected to represent my home Church of the Brethren congregation at an annual UN junior peacemakers’ conference in NYC
  • awarded the annual Manchester College President’s Choice Scholarship
  • chosen by director of the Montgomery County Historical Society to serve as live-in caretaker of NCR-Founder John H. Patterson’s homestead carriage house
  • recognized by trolley advocates, city planning office, and MCHS for contributions to Dayton’s successful Save Our Trolleys campaign
  • earned praise from author-educator John Hope Franklin for “negotiating delicate terminology” during development of Tar Heel Junior Historian’s African-American–themed issue
  • honored by North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt, Department of Cultural Resources Secretary Jeff Crow, and renowned state historian Jerry Cashion for furthering the understanding of state history through educational programs and publications
  • researched and ghostwrote material for Cobblestone, Facts on File publications, and Time for Kids
  • selected to serve as author and North American liaison/location manager for Anova Books, Ltd, during production of Orlando, Then and Now, a pictorial history of Orlando
  • served as Orlando-area group leader of the Florida Writer’s Association


  • the ability to provide content appraisals, substantive reviews, copyedits, and proofs
  • the ability to brainstorm, refine, focus, and enforce objectives, deadlines, and budgets and to establish and manage editorial schedules
  • the ability to apply rules in standard style manuals, house style guides, and respected grammars and texts to ensure grammatical sense, logic, and consistency
  • the ability to research, ghostwrite, and rewrite as needed
  • the ability to employ established readability guidelines to assist in reaching general audiences
  • the ability to adjust style, format, and content to fit the needs, interests, and knowledge of a target audience
  • the ability to work in teams or individually to establish and then meet goals and objectives


current position

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, now (for the second time)—I have also operated this freelance editing-researching-ghostwriting business in Orlando, Florida, after having started it in Dayton, Ohio, as Freelance Library Services—I operate a freelance editorial services business as the-freelance-editor; I serve as editor/fact-checker/ghostwriter—and often coach and project manager, as well—for projects that have included the following:


North Carolina State Museum of History
Historical Publications Editor
Raleigh, North Carolina

  • created and adjusted, when necessary, production schedules and publication calendars
  • served on and chaired publications committees, exhibit teams, and advisory boards
  • reviewed, edited, and proofed materials such as audiovisual scripts, exhibit labels, books, guides, brochures, articles, reports, grants, and activity sheets for exhibitions, education programs, and special projects
  • reviewed, edited, and proofed marketing materials and grant applications
  • coded web pages and blog posts
  • created “Editorial Guidelines to Staff,” a series of informational memos to assist writers in preparing museum-related copy
  • led production of Tar Heel Junior Historian, a twice-yearly state history magazine, from conception through distribution
  • worked with classroom teachers and curriculum standards to develop activities for student readers
  • coordinated Crossroads, a tabloid school newsletter
  • organized listings of museum events and educational programs into production of print and online calendars
  • created production schedules for phases of museum exhibits and publications
  • served as substantive reviewer, fact-checker, copy editor, project manager and proofreader on teams related to exhibits, educational materials, marketing and membership collateral, and online publications  (click here for a partial list of publishing credits)

Freelance Library Services
Orlando, Florida

  • provided research assistance to clients
  • developed and maintained in-house research facilities and resource centers for small businesses and organizations
  • provided summaries, annotations, bibliographies, and indexes for clients as contracted

Montgomery County Historical Society
Publications Director
Dayton, Ohio

  • edited and designed the society’s newsletter, brochures, and journals
  • researched background information for articles, exhibits, and tours
  • assisted curator with cataloging and indexing
  • maintained local clippings collection
  • created and updated membership database

Dayton & Montgomery County Public Library
Reference Librarian
Dayton, Ohio

  • assisted librarian/curator in managing local history collection
  • edited monthly newsletter of new titles
  • guided and assisted walk-in patron research
  • researched answers to call-in patron questions
  • organized special collections to ease patron use


Manchester College
North Manchester, Indiana

  • graduated: Major, School Media Services (a K–12 English education degree with a concentration in library science); Minor, Journalism
  • worked in Funderburg Library as a circulation/reference assistant
  • served as staff member, then editor of Oak Leaves, the campus newspaper

North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina

  • developed and began coursework designed for Masters in Liberal Studies degree with a focus on the role of instructional and educational design in readability
  • completed some research and early drafts for required final written project (degree not completed)

“On-the-Job” Learning and Continuing Education

  • finished coursework in HTML and XML coding
  • attended classes and seminars in project supervision and quality management

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If you wish a pdf copy of my resume that you can view, download, or print,
click here for an annotated version or here for a condensed two-page version.

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