Plan and organize your website

the-freelance-editor team will be spending much of mid-September helping to finish planning and organizing a structure for the website If you choose to visit that site this month, watch the progression of content, as well—while the folks at Shenanigans and the-freelance-editor (with assistance from Mark John Productions) worked together before and during COVID-19  … continue reading

Radio days: A recollection

The recent death of Isaac Donald “Don” Everly, acknowledged by some commentators and news outlets as “the last original rock-’n’-roll pioneer” at his passing, caused me to remember some radio days from my past—in particular, some early childhood recollections of music playing in the car while traveling with my mom and her sister.

In those  … continue reading

Social media roadblocks and scores!

originally posted August 21, 2021; 
no text revisions to date— 

After recent frustrations with another major update to Facebook’s business platform, the-freelance-editor team has decided to reevaluate its selection of social media outlets and to redetermine its participation in each. Our main decision, then—though some materials will continue to post there automatically—involves a move away  … continue reading

Terms and Conditions update

originally posted July 21, 2021; 
no text revisions to date— 

It’s taken several days, but an expanded version of the Terms and Conditions page for “the-freelance-editor”—(Freelance Library Services, dba the-freelance-editor) and all divisions of the-freelance-editor—is now live; we’ve also added a table of contents with links, to help users/visitors find sections more easily, and  … continue reading