We provide professional freelance editing services

the-freelance-editor, solving such problems as "Should that idea come before this one?"

With the-freelance-editor, we are ready to help you and your organization, no matter your writing-related obstacle or challenge. With our freelance editing services, you will enjoy having your very own professional, and experienced, researcher/fact-checker / ghostwriter / editor / proofreader—whether you need temporary help, occasional assistance, or long-term commitment.

So, what sorts of freelance editing services do you need?

the-freelance-editor, solving such problems as "What do I do with all this information? Where do I even start?"

planning or organization?

Do you need help thinking through, outlining, or organizing a letter, a report, an article, a grant, a procedure, or a manuscript?

a review? or a little direction?

Do you need editorial assistance and guidance, an objective reviewer, or just an open ear as you develop your writing project?

the-freelance-editor, solving such problems as "Is that really the best word to use?"
the-freelance-editor, solving such problems as "Ugh! How can I say that?"

help with growth?

Do you need direction with the “work” of writing: planning and scheduling your project; categorizing, filing, and retrieving information; creating a table of contents, an index, or a reference list?

the basics?

Do you need plain old writing assistance or editorial guidance in such areas as word choice, punctuation, grammar, and readability—the elements you want to be “perfect” for your readers, whether they be clients, a boss, or the editors at a publishing house?

the-freelance-editor, solving such problems as "Is it there? or their? or they're?"
the-freelance-editor, solving such problems as "Does that wording make sense?"

publishing assistance?

Do you need direction in refining your final product, to help it appear more polished and professional before submission to an agent or publishing house? Or do you need help with instructional design and proofreading?

writer’s block?

Have you been hammering away on your keyboard, laying down idea after idea after idea, only to become suddenly stuck? It happens to the best of us at some point, but trying to force yourself to continue probably won’t help, either! See if some of our tricks will work for you . . .

the-freelance-editor, solving such problems as "Now, what was that phrase I wanted to remember?"

If you answered “yes” to (or hesitated on) any of these questions, you need freelance editing services from the-freelance-editor.

If you don’t think you need us now, keep our information handy—
You just never know when the time might come . . .

freelance editing services, provided by the-freelance-editor-- now based in Raleigh, North Carolina USA, but serving clients worldwide!

Now that you have some ideas about how the-freelance-editor.com can help you and why you might need or want freelance editing services from us, get in touch!

Our estimates are nonbinding and honored for up to sixty days. Plus, you get to keep and use any samples we produce whether we end up working together or not—you’re in charge! What do you have to lose?

You’ve read our words;
now, hear some clients:

“He works to understand the voice of the author and simply makes things better!”

“His positivity, attention to detail, and expertise make him an outstanding addition to any project.”

“I wish that working with an editor was always as effortless (and fun!) as it is to work with Stephen.”