Freelance editors for hire: Look no farther!

Whoever, whatever, whenever—if you have need of freelance editors for hire, the-freelance-editor is now at the top of your list.  Why?  Because . . .

Looking for freelance editors to hire-- the-freelance-editor is available
Whoever you are, you can have a researcher/fact-checker / ghostwriter / editor / proofreader of your very own.

whoever you are . . .

Whoever you are, you can have a researcher/fact-checker / ghostwriter / editor / proofreader of your very own. We have worked with all writing levels, most mediums, any publishing goal.

whatever you want . . .

Whatever you want to end up with: a novel for adults, children, or young adult readers; a personal or family or business history, or a memoir; a local history publication—images, nonfiction text, or historical fiction; educational materials; content for websites or blog posts; wording for exhibition labels or trade show displays—it’s your project; we’re just here to help.

Freelance editors for hire-- what type of publication is your end product?
deadlines, due dates, milestones-- the-freelance-editor can meet it!

whenever you need . . .

the-freelance-editor will work with you to determine realistic milestone dates—and your ultimate deadline. And, we will guarantee to meet your due dates . . .

the-freelance-editor will help you reach your goals.

With our decades of varied experiences, whoever you are, whatever you want, whenever you need it, the-freelance-editor can help you—or not: but we won’t waste your time or your money, and we likely know someone who is capable of helping you.

Here for you:

• individuals, museums, organizations . . . • announcements, memoirs . . . • offices, small businesses, restaurants . . . • letters, newsletters, blogs, websites, collateral . . . • professional wordsmiths, coerced letter writers, aspiring authors . . . whoever, whatever, whenever.

Have you been researching freelance editors for hire?

Give the-freelance-editor a chance—after all, you’re already here, and you know we can do the job . . .

write, write, write-- and when your draft is ready for review, the-freelance-editor is here for you

Explore our site, Then, after you’ve reached a comfortable place in your creative cycle of writing, drafting, revising (and revising, and revising, again), and you want to know more about the-freelance-editor, get in touch!

I look forward to meeting with you—in person, by phone, or by text—and to hearing about your project. I have no doubt that I, or one of my team members, will be able to help you out after our discussion.

You’ve read our words;
now, hear some clients:

“Stephen understands that editing means knowing the intention of the piece . . . and how one part integrates with a whole.”

“I wish that working with an editor was always as effortless (and fun!) as it is to work with Stephen.”

“I could not resist reading through the paper. . . . It reads very well and I can tell . . . you’re enjoying the project.”