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After a year of neglect (caused while the-freelance-editor moved offices, as described in this post), the-gay-editor is excited to announce updates to the-gay-editor’s bookstore for LGBTQ+ writers and readers—and those updates include the addition of several new titles, in fact scores of them!

As noted on the landing page for our specialty bookstore, you’ll find a totally random selection of books for LGBTQIA+ readers and writers. Spelled out, that would be materials for persons who are or identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and/or queer, intersex, allies and/or asexual, and more.

Divided into two seperate virtual sections, you’ll find selections for adult audiences and for young-adult readers, including a few books for even younger dreamers.

Our main bookstore, by the-freelance-editor!

In addition to the-gay-editor’s bookstore, the-freelance-editor has (as listed on the destination page for our main book shop) tried to provide a selection of writing-related how-to books but also books of interest to general readers, especially selections of historical fiction, adult fiction and nonfiction, and young-adult fiction and nonfiction (and several for younger audiences, too). The ongoing goal of this online bookstore for all writers and readers is to offer book selections that provide sources for grammar, style, and writing mechanics; offer inspiration for writers; and supply samples of writing, both classics and more recent releases.

Among the “how-to-write” books, I’ve strived to provide references and resources tested by my decades of professional use—as well as some books recommended by clients and associates over the years and newer publications that will aid most writers. These also include some materials for fellow editors!

Among the “samples of writing” books, even readers who don’t think of themselves as writers will find a broad range of titles for consideration.

Shop ’til you drop!

Please check out selections in both online shops, our specialty collections for clients of the-gay-editor and our general writing resources and writing samples from the-freelance-editor. Both are always open—and I’m sure something will catch your attention . . . and spark your imagination.

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originally posted January 20, 2023; 
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image information: Featured image via Book Riot, where it was used as artwork for a post on censorship launched by the organization CatholicVote. Book Riot (an affiliate of Riot New Media Group, Inc.) provides “recommendations for must-read books (old and new) . . . come for the book recommendations, stay for reading life tips, book news, and general literary chatter.” the-gay-editor gathers, with much appreciation, a large source of information from Book Riot.

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Note that processing and fulfillment of our bookstore items are performed by affiliation with IndieBound and, two initiatives of the American Booksellers Association. The ABA is dedicated to supporting locally owned, independent bookstores—and the communities they support.

By selecting the text link above, you will be safely forwarded to pages on Indiebound and/or to complete your purchase. This link contains an affiliate code; if you make a purchase through the link, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions Policy. Note that portions of this small commission will be used to subsidize deserving clients and sponsor editorial interns.

Should you experience any difficulties or have any questions, or suggestions, contact the-freelance-editor. Thank you.


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