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originally posted June 8, 2021; 
no text revisions to date— 

With completion of overhauling, the final chore of my return to full-time freelancing was to update formats and information on anEditor’s Blog—which was accomplished yesterday!

To tell the truth, updating each of the forty-eight posts I had made since 2006 was more work than I expected, but I am very pleased with the outcome. And, in addition to updating formats, links, and changes that have occurred in Chicago style over the years (you might still find a few of the older-styled “Web sites” that I missed correcting to the now preferred “websites”), I inserted notes at the ends of most posts, to share updates to the information I originally shared, and added artwork, which was an evolution in technology since I started posting to the blog. I hope that these updates will add new value.

In reviewing the posts, I surprised myself in a few instances with the information that I found and chose to share. I’ve listed a few highlights below (in no particular order) to get you started surfing and checking the content:

Besides those informational posts, a number of other posts reminded me about the evolution (as well as setbacks and successes) of being and growing the-freelance-editor. If you’re interested, I’ve noted a few milestones here (listed chronologically, older to newer):

Then, back to the top of this post! Enjoy the reminiscing—and, I hope, learning—and let me know about future topics for discussion. I only have a backlog of nine drafts ready for development . . .

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